As Much As Possible Sustainability

As much as possible sustainability?

There is no planet B and in the future the world will have developed a balance called sustainability where the needs are met without limiting future needs. All organizations regardless of type and size, have negative and positive impacts on the three dimensions of sustainability: nature, people and the economy. Behaviour that contributes to current sustainable development is called Social Responsibility (SR) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

That is where we come in: AMAP Sustainability has the tools to help you prioritize in your social responsibility and act for as much sustainability as possible, taking into account your relevant requirements and stakeholder expectations.

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AMAP in Rio

Final meeting with the 30+ experts from 20 countries, negotiating the text of ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Guidance. A bit straining to be the head of delegation but thanks to two Swedish experts we are...   Mer


Hectic months!

AMAP Sustainability has been in Kenya and Stockholm, planned trips to Egypt, Japan and China. Yesterday meeting with the stakeholder advisory group for ISO 26000. Some notes: * One item on the agenda was the...   Mer


AMAP in Sydney

AMAP heads up the Swedish delegation to the ISO project committee on ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement - Guidance. 14 national delegations and we are almost finished. ETA of ISO 20400 early 2017? The meeting...   Mer


One of many presentations

A new set of powerpoint uploaded to SlideShare. Maybe of interest to you if you are, as me, often speaking on the topic of ISO 26000 and related matters.    Mer


Meeting with drafting group ISO 26000 training materials

The basic training material for ISO 26000, developed in consultation with the PPO stakeholder advisory group, is soon to be published. Anyone interested to receive a copy, please send me an email.   Mer


AMAP at SIS for ISO26000 meeting

Meeting with the iSO26000 post publication organistion secretariate to prepare the stakeholder advisory group meeting. Trainng mtrl will be launched soon. Oecd linkage document with ISO26000 soon in draft 1.   Mer


AMAP in Tokyo

Within a few weeks: leadership, chairmanship, standards - a 3 day workshop.   Mer


AMAP in Stockholm

Speaking at the Sustainable Procurement conference by MIljöaktuellt March 14 about the ISO 20400 guidance on sustainable procurement   Mer


AMAP with colleague in The Netherlands

Drafting linkage document between ISO 26000 and OECD MNE Guidelines   Mer


AMAP with partner in Geneva

Drafting linkage document between ISO 26000 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.   Mer